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Martial Arts Class



Maria Rivera,

Martial Arts Instructor

The Summit Academy Therapeutic Martial Arts program is designed to provide a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment to help every child succeed regardless of their sensory or developmental abilities; by Introducing Martial Arts fundamentals and core values that can promote social, emotional, mental, and physical growth of the students. As the children learn the basics of Tae kwon Do, they will automatically be practicing valuable self awareness and motor planning skills which can carry over to their day to day life.

Martial Arts are beneficial to everyone, but certain aspects of it like the repetition of movement patterns (poomsae), create more connections in the brain making Martial Arts specifically beneficial to children with ASD. Also the sensory stimulus and motor planning required to perform these set patterns (poomsae) eventually result improved visual, motor and speech skills, eventually leading to better balance, coordination, awareness and gross motor ability.

Utilizing Tae Kwon Do core values like courtesy, integrity, self control  and perseverance students will achieve defined objectives such as self esteem, confidence and discipline. Students will learn  the importance of honesty, patience, cooperation, humility and respect, which are skills that will not only improve their concentration, coordination and academic performance but also their quality of life.

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Martial Arts Quest Program


The Quest for the Summit Martial Arts program is geared around the student being able to complete three “quests.” Once a student has earned a large blue, green, and red star in the “Martial Arts Hall of Fame,” they will have reached “the summit,” and earn a purple star on their dobok. After completing a quest and earning a purple star,  they will start a new quest.​​

Blue Stars: The Blue Star Program was designed for the staff within our school to use for positive reinforcement of all positive behaviors observed in your student related to effort, manners, respect, and social skills. A student will receive a large blue star in the “Martial Arts Hall of Fame” after earning four blue stars in school.

​Green Stars: The Green Star Program was designed for chores or “community service” done in and outside of school. A student will receive a large green star in the “Martial Arts Hall of Fame” after earning four green stars.


Red Stars: The Red Star Program was designed for increased independent knowledge seeking. A student will receive a large red star in the “Martial Arts Hall of Fame” after completing a research paper or book report related to Taekwondo.

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