Rope Course in Summer Camp


Summit Academy offers a Summer Enrichment Program for four weeks during the month of July every summer.  Last summer, Summit Academy operated a STEM program (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).  The students were both in school and online (due to COVID 19) and students built bridges and invented new “animals” who could live in environments that were not their typical environments.(For example, putting a rabbit in the Rain Forest and adapting its body, food, and living conditions.)  All students who attended learned creative building and adaptive skills. Art and Martial Arts was also taught. All materials were provided both to students in the building and the students at home.  It was a wonderful summer!

               In past years, Summit Academy has had Summer Enrichment Programs that involved extra academic practice, MCAS practice and trips to the community, swimming, boating and camping experiences.  The students were given opportunities to engage in social skills in the community, and opportunity to practice executive functioning skills and improve skills needed for success in academics.

               In 2021, depending on the medical restrictions by the COVID-19 virus, Summit Academy will again have a Summer Enrichment Program in July that will involve social skills practice, executive function skills practice, community outings (if available) and academic instruction.  It may be in person or hybrid.  All students will be invited to join in the exciting activities.


More information will be available on this website by April, 2021.