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Lou, the therapy dog.jpg
Lou is our emotional support dog, rescued by our history teacher, Mr. Hesselton, in September of 2019. His kind eyes, warm demeanor, and innate ability to understand the emotions of our students make him the perfect support dog. You may see him walking through the halls of our school, in and out of classrooms, helping to guide tours of prospective new students, or sneaking into a nearby office of a staff member he knows has a special treat in their drawer for him. He works closely with our behavioral and clinical team to support our students. Students are able to earn time one-on-one with Lou after exhibiting positive behavioral and academic choices in correlation with our ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) program.
When struggling with emotional dysregulation, a few calming minutes hanging out with Lou can help deescalate these difficult emotional moments for our students, helping them to use their coping skills learned in counseling, and their social skills. Lou is more than just a dog, he is a special part of our team, and has helped many of our students on their journey to reach their own personal summit at our school.
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