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About Our Independent Living Program for
Neurodiverse Young Adults 

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The Summit Campus provides an individualized residential living experience for students with autism, along with related diagnoses.  

Located at 37 Fruit Street, Worcester, Massachusetts, Summit Campus is within walking distance to Worcester Polytechnic Institute and within five miles of 10 colleges and universities.  The residence is staffed by trained personnel that will work with your young adult who attends one of the Worcester Consortium Colleges with the goal of achieving success in and out of the classroom.  The Consortium Colleges include:​

  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)

  • Quinsigamond Community College

  • Anna Maria College

  • Assumption College

  • Clark University

  • College of the Holy Cross

  • MCPHS University

  • Worcester State University


We recognize that living away from home presents challenges to all students, especially those who identify as neurodiverse. Our residential curriculum is adaptable to meet your child's level and will enrich their ability to navigate college and community living to their fullest potential independently.  Executive function coaching is integrated into residents daily routine. View our video tour HERE of our campus.

Although Summit Campus can accommodate students for their entire college experience, one of the main goals of our transition program is to help your child develop strategies and skills so they may transition into general campus life within one to two years.

Our mission is for each resident to achieve their full potential in overall independence and responsibility.  All students will have training in self-determination, career preparation, life skills, financial literacy, and community access.

If you would like more information or you would like to schedule an appointment with our Campus Director, please email us at and/or call us at (774) 701-0673.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Living in the Dorm

Residents will reside in single or double rooms.  Each room is furnished with a twin bed, desk and chair, dresser, closet, and small refrigerator.  There are study areas in the dorm with support from highly trained resident mentors. There are common spaces where students can relax and interact with their peers.

Resident Centered Instruction

We meet our residents at their current levels and work toward helping them navigate their college experience through individualized support and instruction to help bring about success not only in the classroom but life as well. Growth areas targeted include:


Executive Functioning

  • Self regulation

  • Emotional awareness and control

  • Working memory

  • Prioritizing, planning and organization for both academic and daily routines


Self Determination

  • Problem solving

  • Decision making

  • Goal setting

  • Self awareness and advocacy

  • Financial literacy

Activities of Daily Living

  • Learning the skills to live independently including cooking,  laundry, and household chores.

  • Learning the skills to live with a roommate and other community members.


Social Competencies and Community Engagement

  • Participation in PEERS, Improv Connects

  • Travel Training

  • Social programming in-house and the community

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Participating in Community Life

A significant part of our mission is to help students make and keep friends. Our students will participate in classes that will teach them to successfully navigate their college environments socially as well as setting goals and tracking progress in doing so. Shared meals, dorm activities, and group outings overseen by a residence assistant are just a few of the methods through which our students will not only become part of their communities but create their own.

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