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Life Skills Training, Executive Function Coaching, & Social Skills

Located in the Worcester, MA Area

Services and support at Summit Campus, an independent living community for young adults with high functioning autism, will be provided by professionals specializing in working with the growing neurodiverse college student population. Our comprehensive supports will empower individuals with the transitions skills necessary to lead productive and rewarding lives. For more information about Summit Campus or to begin the application process, please feel free to contact us today!

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Social Skills

The social skill acquisition aspect of Summit Campus programming will be integrated organically into the program and delivered through group, small group, and 1:1 instruction. Topics may include building friendships with peers, joining study groups, romantic relationships, and interacting with professors. Opportunities to socialize will be created for and by our residents, who will actively participate in this fundamental area of personal growth.



To support our residents’ academic success, our staff will inform and guide students to take advantage of the academic support on their respective college campuses. Student accommodations will be arranged by registering with the disability support centers at the student’s respective college. This should be done by the student upon acceptance before classes begin each semester and will require documentation.

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Executive Function

The Summit Campus curriculum for executive function development will meet each student at their level and is designed to strengthen the student’s time management skills. Students will learn to manage their schedules, use alarm reminders, problem-solve, set goals, and create a plan resulting in positive outcomes. All support in this area will foster confident, self-determined young adults.

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Daily Living Skills

Independent living requires the acquisition of daily living skills. Summit Campus residents will be helped to understand the importance of good hygiene, doing laundry, and keeping their space organized and clean as well as food shopping, meal preparation, and money management.

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Health & Wellness

At Summit Campus, we believe the emotional and physical well-being of our residents is a key component of our program. Our staff will support our residents in developing an enjoyable exercise regimen. In working with our students, we provide strategies for stress management, mindfulness and self-care.

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Career Counseling

At Summit Campus, we will encourage students to develop a clear and well-planned career path. When the time is right, we will connect our students with career guidance resources available at their respective colleges. Through the Summit transition program, students can receive instruction in resume writing and interview skills. We will also help students discover internship and volunteer opportunities to prepare for successful competitive employment. 


Community Access

For many of our Summit Campus residents, living at the dorm will be their first time away from home.  For our students to take full advantage of their new community, they will receive travel training and planned outings to local restaurants, parks, sports, and cultural events. Worcester, MA is having a renaissance, and our residents will be able to share in all the excitement. 


Peer Mentoring

Summit Campus will be on our students’ respective campuses with them so they can become comfortable in their new surroundings. Peer mentors will accompany our residents as they learn to navigate and take advantage of a variety of their college campus activities and clubs throughout the year.  

Learn More About Our Independent Living Community for Young Adults With High Functioning Autism

The transition from adolescence to adulthood is always challenging, and for students with autism and related diagnoses, that transition brings additional hurdles. Summit Campus provides the support and services these students need to learn daily living skills for autism, succeed in their classes, and become active members of their communities. We invite you to learn more about our community!

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