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Residential Embedded Services and Amenities

College students and young adults with high functioning autism who want to go to college, but still need support should consider Summit Campus. Located in Worcester, MA, our independent living community offers furnished single rooms with refrigerators, breakfast and dinner, academic support, social skills training, neurodiverse residential programs, executive function coaching, peer mentoring, and much, much more. Contact us for more information about a day in the life at Summit Campus or submit an application today!


The comprehensive residential program includes the following:

  • Rooms with a twin bed, desk, chair, dresser, closet or bureau and refrigerator

  • Breakfast and dinner daily (students will purchase lunches on campus)

  • Transportation to and from college/university campus and workplace

  • Bi- annual clinical meetings to establish baseline skills, individual goals, and strategies in the domains: Executive Function, College Survival Skills, Social Skills and Health and Wellness

  • In-house social programming

  • PEERS social skills curriculum

  • Financial Literacy training

  • Travel Training

  • Navigating and accessing college resources

  • Liaison support for students and respective accessibility services 

  • Self-determination and self-advocacy coaching

  • Health and wellness coordination

  • Culinary instruction and a full service kitchen

  • Conflict resolution and problem-solving instruction

  • Community access and leisure activities

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Additional Costs
Spending Money

Students are required to have access to a checking/savings account to access spending money, as needed. This money may be needed for supplies, groceries, snacks, recreational activities, etc.  Budgeting and use of spending money will be part of our Residential Curriculum.
Cell Phones
We require that students have their own cell phones.  We ask that students share their phone number with the Residence staff as well as entering the dorm phone number into their phone.
College Meal Plans
Although not required, students may be interested in signing up for a limited meal card plan at their local college for lunch and snacks.
Ancillary Services
Any additional services beyond those provided as part of our residential program are payable either through insurance or private pay.

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