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A Message to the Students

NikkiKoppel Summit Campus

Nikki Koppel

Director of Summit Campus

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My name is Nikki Koppel and I am the Director of Summit Campus. I wanted to speak directly to you about where you are at this moment in your life and specifically about an important decision you are facing: “What am I doing after high school?”


I would guess that many conversations about your future involve your parents or advisors and it’s probably your parents who have searched for a program such as ours. I was at this place with my son, who is on the spectrum, in 2018, and want to encourage you, as I did him, to participate in this process.


As you look ahead, I imagine you are experiencing a whole range of emotions. There is excitement and fear at the thought of living away from home and attending college level classes. Add to that, the reality of a pandemic and you may be feeling overwhelmed. You may even wish that someone else would make this decision for you. This is a totally understandable reaction, but this is your journey. 


Here’s how I got through this challenging time with my son. I’ll call it the “one step at a time” plan.


  • Tackle one step at a time and keep those steps simple.

  • Get curious.

  • Empower yourself by gathering information. 

  • Educate yourself on your options. 

  • Talk things through with a friend, parents, or others you trust.  

  • Weigh the pros and cons, even go so far as to put them down on paper. 

  • Then trust your instincts and believe in your choice. 


Throughout life you will be asked to make decisions and choices. Some will be easier than others and not every decision will turn out as you had hoped. Most importantly, good or bad, right or wrong, it’s all just part of becoming a responsible young adult.


At Summit it is our mission to support you on your path to self-determination and independence. 


I am here to answer any questions you may have moving forward. If you decide to live with us while attending college and adjusting to life away from home, we will do everything we can to support you. If you choose a different path, we wish you all the best on your journey and will remain a resource for you. 


It may feel daunting, but the best is always in front of you. You are writing the chapters of your life story. That is your mission.

Nikki Koppel

Summit Campus Director

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