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An update from Nikki!

Greetings from Summit Campus!

As we enter into our third year of operations, I can’t help but reflect on how far we’ve come and how grateful we are to our families for trusting us with their greatest asset.

In 2020, we opened our doors to 4 residents all enrolled in college programming. We currently have 10 residents, two full time residential staff, and we have expanded transition support to include individuals currently employed, eager to become more independent.

We have developed so many wonderful community partners who understand our mission and are eager to engage the Summit Campus residents. The Ecotarium, Habitat for Humanity, Table Talk Pies, Polar Park and Work without Limits are just some of our friends in the Worcester community who welcome and provide opportunities for our young people. The Department of Developmental Services and MRC collaborate with our residents to support their life goals and we are so appreciative of their resources.

I’m excited to share that the Summit Campus program will be represented at the College Autism Network Summit in Nashville. It is a privilege to be attending a conference dedicated to creating more positive outcomes both academically and professionally for neurodiverse individuals.

Our program continues to grow and attract young adults pursuing a variety of interests and majors. I am inspired by their desire to create a positive living, learning community and to witness how our residents support each, as they journey toward independence and adulthood.

Thank you for your continued support!

Nikki Koppel, Summit Campus Director

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